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Finest Engineered Products

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The Bonowi Camlock Push Button Expandable Baton, the most respected and accepted expandable law enforcement baton in the world.


The Bonowi Camlock Baton sets a new standard of effectiveness and reliability in expandable batons.  It is so effective that more than 250,000 batons are in use by law enforcement agencies worldwide.

The unique cylindrical shape of the expandable end piece was first introduced by Bonowi and has consistently proven its capabilities with law enforcement users.  The Smartlock 21” baton fully conforms to the rigid standards of the technical guidelines of the German Police force and both the 16” and 26” models meet the same standards based on tests conducted at the MPA Hannover/Germany testing facility.

Statistics gathered from agencies using the Smartlock baton worldwide have proven just how effective it is.  In 90% of cases where an officer has used the baton, opponents were discouraged to continue their attack as soon as the officer presented the extended baton.  In those cases where the assailant has not stopped, a single strike to the muscles of the arms or legs has usually resulted in a cessation of the attack against the officer.

The baton can be extended easily with a sharp swing for a dramatic presentation or by pulling the tip for a non-confrontational presentation.  It is closed by pressing the release button and pushing the rods together from the tip.  The rubberized handle and slide rings at the crossover points of each section are specially designed to absorb impact energy and protect the officer.  The slide rings also allow the baton to be opened and closed silently with no grinding or rattling noises and without bounce back.


The baton is available in 16”, 21” and 26” models and in addition to the steel models, is available in high performance aircraft aluminum for those agencies that desire less weight for the officer to carry.

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(You will directed to my partner, National Police Supply) TIP: search “Bonowi”.

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One response

  1. David White

    I am an armed security officer from San Diego, CA and I was very interested in the Bonowi baton. Please let me know what I need to do to purchase one. Thank you and best wishes.

    November 2, 2014 at 7:31 am

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